Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to identify a TG series PTO.

Do you have a Muncie TG PTO with a missing tag? This post will show you the steps to properly identify a PTO.

First, read the part # on the input gear. This is the gear that meshes with your transmission gear. Usually it is the largest gear in the PTO.

Next, count the number of mounting bolt holes in the PTO housing. Normally, this will be 6 or 8.

If you have the PTO apart, get the part # on the ratio gear which is next to the input gear. If you have not diassembled the PTO, count the number of teeth on this gear.

Now, determine how the PTO is shifted. Is it air shift, cable shift, or some other type.

Next, you need to determine how the PTO is assembled. Each TG PTO can be assembled four different ways. Place the PTO on a table with the shift cover straight up at 12:00. Look into the large opening where the gears are located and note where the input gear is located. Is it on the left or right side of the opening?
Then, with the PTO in the same position, note the location of the driveshaft or pump mounting. Is it located on the left or right side? Remember, keep the shift cover at 12:00 and look into the opening when you note these positions.

Finally, determine what type of output you have. In the picture, we show a standard 1-1/4" output shaft. Many PTO's have a direct mount flange to attach a hydraulic pump directly to the PTO. If you have this type of mount, we need to know how many mounting bolts are in the flange, what type of shaft(keyed or splined), the size or number of splines on the shaft, and what the pilot diamenter of the pump you have. Typically, the pilot diameter would be 3-1/4" or 4".

After you have this information, give us a call at 1-800-755-6999 and we can help you with parts or a new PTO.

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